Importance of Training

Dog training is not always easy. You need to practise patience, perseverance and to always be consistent in your commands, both verbal and visual so that it will be easier for your dog to grasp what it is that you are trying to teach.
We train our dogs for 2 main reasons;
Firstly, we train to meet the basic requirements that we expect/desire our dog to do and to be a friendly and well balanced dog within our family and society.
Secondly, we train in the extras that we would like our dog to do; for example a good quality stay whilst we pop into a non-dog friendly shop.
“Prior to any dog training, we the owner need to have a basic understanding and some ability in order to be able to get and keep our dogs relatively calm, there is little to gain when trying to teach an over active/hyper dog ‘Sit and Stay’.” Martin Pashley 2001