Puppy Classes

(during Government requested lockdown, classes will be postponed)

All vaccinated puppies are welcome. Please check with your vet how long after the second vaccination you should wait, this could be 10-14 days. Lessons cover socialisation, environmentalization, low level basic training, legal & health advice and lots of fun, an ideal starting point. We cover house training, introducing a crate/space, how to reduce and eliminate the biting/chewing, socialising (environmentally also), health, grooming, accepting a lead, basic training and most important of all – keeping it all fun.

The most essential rule to owning a puppy is to remain CALM, have plenty of TIME, PATIENCE and be CONSISTENT. You will need to dedicate the time to teach your new puppy (in short regular spells), along with having a huge amount of patience. If you try to rush things you will only get frustrated and confuse your puppy.

“Consistency is the key to avoid confusing your puppy.”

If you start teaching your puppy how to respond and act when they are young you will make it a lot easier as they grow into adolescents and then on to adulthood. Puppies will be very energetic and will want to play, it is important not to overexcite your puppy but to remain calm and encourage gentle play. Rest periods are important – introducing a crate/pen will work great with encouraging rest, puppies are curious they will follow you everywhere and likely to become overtired and fractious.  Avoid over exercising your puppy, their bones are still soft, too much localised muscle build up can lead to bone/joint deformity (likewise with jumping off obstacles, etc.), the damage will not become evident until later in life.

Any veterinary questions you have should be directed to your registered practice, they will have the best and most up to date information.  Take your dog to the vets at regular intervals, sit in the waiting room, weigh them, talk to the receptionist, doing this will confirm that the place is OK and no need to be worried.

Our Puppy Training Course is held on Sunday mornings, all puppies must be vaccinated. Please check our Events Diary for starting dates of this course.

(Please note on your first visit we will need to see the vaccination record for your puppy.)