Content:    Good basics with a lot of very essential learning.
Presentation:    Clear and enjoyable, lots of enthusiasm.
Length of Course:    Absolutely right.
Venue:    Perfectly adequate.

General Comments:

  • Thank you so much for opening our eyes to dog psychology and what makes them tick, we will be addressing our training, and our dogs, very differently as a result. Thank you.
  • Extremely good, nice that Martin is so helpful with any problems.
  • Very good course. We have seen such an improvement with our dog during the 6 week course. Would highly recommend the course especially if you are struggling with focus from your dog.
  • I really enjoyed the course, very well delivered in a relaxed manner despite there being lots to cover in an hour, I shall be back for more.
  • The course was very enjoyable putting in to learnings from the course into practice. The course was obviously aimed at the owners rather than the dogs as it is the owners that provide the rules and guidance. Thank you for your patience.
  • The Course has been brilliant in developing my husbands confidence in handling and training our dog, despite owning dogs before it was always me that did the training.
  • The way the course is taught is very clever. The first lesson we weren’t sure what we had learned – then in Lessons 2-6, could see how we were building on each lesson and why lesson 1: ‘calm giving and focus’ was so important.
  • Really good, wide array of information.
  • Learnt a lot (owner & dog).  Immediate results.  Better understanding of communication with our Labrador.  We all are ‘HAPPIER’!
  • Clear, attainable & enjoyable. Thanks.
  • Just what we wanted, particularly good at explaining how dogs think and behave.
  • Really good.
  • Enjoyed every week.
  • Great training advice in lengthy sessions.
  • Fantastic course, learnt heaps, great value for money.
  • Very impressed, learnt some valuable techniques.
  • Overall another informative class. Even second time round it was still interesting and I picked up new skills & remembered old.

When our new puppy was being a handful I was almost at my wits end when I called Happy Dogs.
Within thirty minutes, I understood what was going on and what was required in order to correct the bad behaviour. We could see results the day after implementing recommendations and feel so much more confident. We can’t thank Happy Dogs enough!
Kristen Sousa

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Martin. We had 3 1:1 sessions to help with our anxious puppy and the advice and guidance provided by Martin has been outstanding. She’s doing so well now, and that’s down to you.

Helen Browne

We have been working with Happy Dogs for over 10 years, they understand ours and our both Labradors needs…keep up the great work and thank you for always being so super responsive.

Simon Poole

Great training and fun too. My dog loves going here and I understand my dog better as a result of the training. Thank you Happy Dogs 🐾 

Jill Bright

Martin is a very knowledgable guy and always makes time for my silly novice questions at the end. Ethel and I have been going to the puppy classes for 3 weeks now and I’m massively looking forward to seeing her progression through the classes and courses, assisted by the expert advice from Martin.

Iain Allchurch

We attended classes with our Springer Pepper – Martin was so helpful and we learnt so much – we enjoyed it so much that a few of us attending repeated the course!

It’s been quite a few yrs passed now but the knowledge we learnt has stayed with us and since Pepper we have rescued locally Bracken who we had for 13.5 yrs and it’s also Enabled us to be fosters for ESSW where we currently have 2 permanent fosters SkyePops 13 & Teddy 9

We continue to recommend HAPPY DOGS

Thankyou Martin & Suzanne !

Teresa & Anthony Lock

Very knowledgeable and helpful with my 2 current dogs both rescues. I’ve used one on one and group training sessions and always feel like I’ve learned so much. Martin is always very clear in what he’s teaching and checks that everyone has understood.
Also used group training with previous dogs can’t recommend them enough.

Francesca Newman

Martin is really great at keeping a positive atmosphere for the dog and their owner. Me and my partner wanted a foundation for our 1 and half year old dog to build our agility training on and Martin has shown us its not about how fast your dog can run around the course but its about getting a great technique through a happy, positive bond between human and dog. Great Atmosphere, Great fun, Great foundation for us and our companion Loki 😁

Luke Phillips

Martin is a patient teacher and good at explaining the principles behind what he teaches. There’s always a great atmosphere at the sessions 😊 

Camilla Sejerup

Thankyou all for your help that you have given Thelma and I over the last few months. I think that you are all amazing trainers and I am so grateful that we found you by a random search on the internet.

I must admit, I did a very silly thing, I did not research any thing about Thelma’s breed before I got her from my friend, I naively thought that if a puppy has good parentage, great previous owners, that one dog is like another if it is the right hands! I have found out that the breed traits of a are terrier pretty challenging, Thelma is so unlike my old dog who was a fantastic, very biddable, kind springer spaniel. I have now learned that Thelma will never be like my old springer, but she is a lovely loyal dog, she loves her own people but she is not bothered about anyone else, she is full of energy when we are out but pretty relaxed at home, she is very intelligent, very focused and with your training and advice Thelma is turning out to be a good fun loyal friend.

I am very grateful for the time that you all have taken to help us, Thelma and I have learned to understand each other a bit better. We are going to keep up all the skills that you have taught, work hard this winter to overcome our issues :).

Best Wishes

Debs and Thelma 🐕.

” I went to a beach barbecue yesterday, the first that Harry my Dachsund and I have attended together. This sounds like quite a normal thing to do and in fact lots of people at the barbecue commented on what a normal dog Harry is, if I rewind the clock to the first time Harry and I went to a puppy training class, I was the owner who wanted the floor to open up and swallow me and Harry, he was a screaming, overwhelmed dog who wasn’t coping with the situation he found himself in and neither was I. Martin Pashley was amazing, he probably went home hoarse that night, talking over Harry’s hysterical screams, to the other puppy owners who probably wished we would leave and not come back, but in the intervening period he has helped me and Harry to become a calm and confident team who can now do many things that most other dog owners and their dogs do, for which I cannot thank him enough. We blend in rather than stand out, join in rather than avoid. Harry and I are very happy about this, so Happy Dogs do do exactly what their name says, thank you so much. “

We’ve just finished a course of one-to-one training sessions with Martin who was excellent. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Damian Kennedy

Fantastic session at dog agility tonight. Freddie, my previously crazy lurcher, went off lead with Martin and then with me and was calm and controlled all the time.

Wow! Thanks Happy Dogs from Happy Team Freddie.

With an active and hungry Springer Spaniel food is often on his mind.  It therefore needs to be on my mind in plenty of time to replenish stocks so he doesn’t run out.

Not only is Martin, of Happy Dogs, excellent at providing food at good prices he also lets me know what is on offer and even reminds me that I may be running low.

I can’t tell you how much better it is to get a reminder from Martin than have a pair of soulful spaniel eyes look up at you accusingly because he has eaten the last of his favourite treats.

I would happily recommend Martin to any dog owner.

Matthew Tomkinson.

We were very happy with the dog walking service – very professional and our dog loved his walks – only stopped due to change of job so able to be home more for our dog. If we ever needed the service again happy dogs would be our first choice x

Natasha Cross

Happy Dogs are a great team and are really supportive and helpful.
My dogs love walking with Phil, they are always so happy to jump in the van and go off for a walk.
Happy Dogs are a professional team that take care of your very special pets

Taryn Stevenson


As a youthful puppy, I could not expect to get through life without some training. I was pleasantly surprised on my first lesson, it was my parents who were getting the ground rules, and I am certainly looking forward to my trip on a bus and train.

The second week, I was joined by a little friend. I didn’t think much of his chances, far to noisy!….. He was soon under control.

To say I am impressed, is understatement, Martin has a real empathy and professional attitude, I will be certainly telling my mates in the park about his abilities.

Oh yes Marian and Paul are also pleased, and were happy to sign up for a course.

Kind regards (and see you Saturday)


Sympathetic understanding trainers, with practical training techniques. Trevor is high spirited & has a grasshopper mind to say the least, they’re very patient with him & work with whatever mood his in on the day! that being said he’s turned into a wonderful family dog in the time he’s been going to Happy Dogs classes.

Georgie Ashton

Dear Martin

I wanted to say a huge thank you for coming to see Rhino, one of the dogs that I dog sit for.  Rhino, a Shar Pei.  I was experiencing quite severe difficulties with Rhino’s behaviour which involved aggression towards my own dog Bobby, and towards the cats.  Your visit was both reassuring and extremely informative, teaching me to handle Rhino’s behaviour in a completely different way.  After implementing all of the teaching into Rhino’s day to day routine, his behaviour towards the cats has changed noticeably and I am far more aware of the early warning signs of aggression towards Bobby, “nipping it in the bud” before it starts.

A huge thank you for all of your help, Martin.

 Dear Martin & Suzanne,

Following the fantastic evening you held at Bicton College the other evening I am very keen to become more involved and to learn a lot more about dog training and psychology.
Well done Martin for the great talk it left me going away with some fresh and interesting thoughts about our canine friends.

 Hi there, We met you at Bicton country fair and you gave us instruction on walking Mitch (little springer spaniel)to heel and he has been brilliant ever since.

 Dear Martin,

I thought I would just drop you a note to thank you for your advice on Max. We called the police etc and had a queue of people wishing to take him on.

He was taken on the 22nd October for a trial basis with the police force as a drugs dog. As you said he would he was meant to work. He came top of his class and is now a Drugs dog for the Police. He still has more training to do but they say it’s just a natural progression now.

They keep in touch with us via email and photos and have said we are able to visit (not built up the courage for that yet).

Many thanks again for your help and support.

Dear Martin,

I cannot thank you enough. I had a REALLY relaxed evening with the dogs and watched ‘Bionic Vet’ without one single bark!!! I will continue to train myself in being a good pack leader, and can’t believe it was such a short time to correct 5 months of bad behaviour.

Thank you again. I will be in touch and DEFINITELY recommend you to any friends. I have 3 “Happy Dogs” now and one “Happy Owner”.