With any type of travelling, don’t feed your dog (approximately 1 hour) before you are about to travel. Prior to travelling take your dog for a calm walk to allow the opportunity to empty. Temperatures in a car can get very hot very quickly for a dog, do not leave your dog in a car unattended!

Whether you choose a dog crate, a harness or a dog guard it is important your dog is secure in your car for their safety and yours!

Check the local byelaws for dogs on beaches in your area. You may be required to keep your dog on a lead or in restricted areas only. Be aware of your dog’s physical and emotional state. A trip to the beach can get your dog very excited. Watch for signs of dehydration or over-exhaustion. Rest occasionally in a shady area and keep your dog hydrated with clean fresh water, do not let them drink the seawater as this can make them sick.

Be aware of the sea conditions, undercurrents, riptides, and washed up items on the beach, dead fish, fishing lines and jellyfish. Be vigilant with your dog’s behaviour with other beach visitors.