Grooming Course

We teach you how to groom your dog, to learn how to keep them in tip top condition. This course is for approximately 2.5 hours. Basic grooming equipment and notes will be provided for you to take home. The information on this page is a summary taken from the handouts given at the end of Happy Dogs Grooming Course

5 Reasons why it is essential to groom our dogs (acronym: CHEER)

  • Cleanliness – Overall cleanliness of our dogs but also ourselves and home
  • Health – Well being of our dogs
  • Exterior – Appearance
  • Examination – Allows us to get a good close look and feel of our dogs, at the same time allowing our dogs to get used to being handled all over.
  • Relationship – Grooming is an essential activity within a pack environment, (often undervalued in our day-to-day bustle.)
Standard Daily Groom

Visual Inspection
Enables you to identify main areas to work on

Fingertip Massage
Lifts dead hair, loosens dirt, promotes circulation

Pin Comb
Removes Hair

Brush (if required)
Removes some hair, resets nap

Slick Down
Removes last remaining hair, resets nap

Clean Equipment and Self

Weekly Groom

Check and Clean (if necessary)
Mouth, Nose, Teeth, Eyes, Ears,
Sheath and Penis or Vulva, Anus, Paws/Pads/Nails

(explanations given on how to clean and what signs to look for)