With all health issues, if in any doubt please speak to your veterinary practice.

It goes without saying that the health and well-being of any animal within our family is taken seriously, but unless it is blatantly obvious the signs of ill health can be difficult to spot early on. Should your dog have a wet or dry nose? Would you know if your dogs respiration, pulse and temperature are within normal levels? Do you know the signs and symptoms of parasites? It is the mundane everyday things that often get overlooked, knowing some or indeed all of the answers to these questions will help us keep on top of our pets health. Getting hands on experience is essential for man and dog alike.

Times are not easy for all, if financial worries are preventing treatment for our pets it is good to know that help is available. There are organisations such as the PDSA that can assist you if you require support in paying for treatments. There is no need at all that the animals should suffer.