Introducing the Collar & Lead

A collar with a buckle is the most suitable for a growing puppy. Place the collar on the puppy making quite sure that it fits correctly and securely, this can be done by inserting two fingers under the collar and fastening with your fingers left in; you should be able to pull your fingers out with slight resistance.

The puppy may initially react to the collar by jumping, rolling and pawing at it. Completely ignore the reactions of the puppy to the collar – resist the temptation to soothe or even laugh at the puppy and do not discipline. Simply leave the puppy to get used to the collar.

As soon as the puppy is comfortable with the collar attach the lead. Allow the puppy to get used to the lead indoors in the surroundings in which he feels safe and secure, only attach the lead for a few minutes at a time. When the puppy is used to the lead pick up the other end and let the puppy lead you. Do not pull the lead or drag the puppy.