Dog Training Toolkit

It is a legal requirement that any dog in a public place wears a collar with a tag identifying the owner and their contact number or address. A microchip does not meet these requirements. There are many different types of collar including check, half check, fixed and slip collars. It is your decision which collar you use and all fit into a part of your dog’s training as long as they are fitted and used correctly.
Happy Dogs can advise you on the correct collar and fit for your dog and for your preferred method of training.

There are many different types of dog leads available made from leather, chain, fabric and man-made fibres. Your lead does not have to cost a fortune but it should be strong enough to hold your dog should they lunge for any reason, the clip should be of a high standard. Checking your lead and collar regularly is very important for any signs of wear or breaking stitches. Happy Dogs can advise you on the best lead to have to suit your needs.

Once more there are many different types of dog treats on the market from liver bites to huge rawhide bones. You also have a vast menu in your kitchen including sausage, chicken and cheese. If your dog is prone to weight gain make sure you balance out the number of treats your dog receives with his normal meal and avoid high fat treats. All treats should be bite size (so that they are eaten quickly and do not stall the training) and easily held in the hand (or your dog will be more interested in the crumbs you are dropping).

Some dogs are much more interested in toys than food and of course every dog has at least one toy! Whether it is a punctured muddy football or the latest Kong, as long as it grabs your dog’s interest you can use it for training.
One thing to consider though, like with the dogs treats, your dog still needs to focus on the training! So, if squeaky toys turn him into a manic mutt they are probably best left at home!

Poo Bags
Does not really require much explaining – your dog does it and you pick it up!

Whether you choose a dog crate, a harness or a dog guard it is important your dog is secure in your car for their safety and yours! If you have your dog walked by Happy Dogs rest assured they travel securely in a specially ventilated van.

Grooming Kit
Grooming can increase the bond between owner and dog and also can mean when injury occurs the dog has more trust in the owner when they try to help. A good metal comb is often all that any dog needs.

Optional Extras
These items aren’t essential for dog training but they are things you may consider having either in your car or at home; Dog Towel, Water bottle and travel bowl, First Aid Kit, Muzzle, Spare lead or collar, Tick Remover, DAP Spray, Tweezers